March 9, 2023 Thomas


*IN SYNC is a podcast for anyone who loves a perfect on-screen needle-drop. With their extensive experience in music and podcasting, cultural critic Rachel Brodsky and filmmaker/podcaster Aviv Rubinstien have joined forces to create the brand-new *IN SYNC Podcast. A historiography celebrating your favorite music moments in TV and film, *IN SYNC looks at one great song-to-screen sync per episode and breaks down the cultural impact. Rachel and Aviv are often joined by guests such as the music supervisors behind these highly memorable music moments. On April 11, Gotham West Studios will launch the first episode centered around Sia’s “Breathe Me” closing out cult TV show, Six Feet Under. Combining the masterful storytelling and the emotional power of music, *IN SYNC is an episodic deep dive into music history and fandom.

Good stories and good music are two things everyone wants more of, especially in their podcast feeds. Subscribe now everywhere you listen to podcasts. 

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For more information, contact:

Sarah Avrin,, 814-777-0709

About Rachel Brodsky

Rachel Brodsky is a freelance culture writer, critic, and reporter living in Los Angeles. She is a staff writer/editor and Pop Columnist with Stereogum and was previously on staff with The Independent,, SPIN, and MTV. Her writing about music, TV, comedy, podcasts, film, gender, and lifestyle has been published by outlets including the LA Times, InStyle, The Guardian, Vulture, Nylon, GQ, UPROXX, Paste, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and more.

About Aviv Rubinstien

Aviv Rubinstien is a Philly native filmmaker and podcaster living and working in Los Angeles. He has written and directed several genre-jumping feature films both in the United States and Southeast Asia. He teaches screenwriting and filmmaking at Emerson College, and Hussian College Los Angeles and formerly New York Film Academy, and the University of Rhode Island. Aviv leads a double life as a musician, lead singer of rock and roll band Jacob the Horse.

Aviv’s love for film and music led him to host several pop culture podcasts including Law and Order: Special Viewing Unit, Lyric for Lunch, and *IN SYNC.


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