Ever join the middle of a conversation and not understand what everyone is talking about? Sometimes we feel that with important topics – news, politics, even pop culture. In Too Afraid To Ask, our hosts tackle these topics – with no judgements – from the basics. With research and help from experts, each episode tackles the fundamentals of popular topics.


For movie and TV show lovers, this is your podcast. Exploring new topics each week including the latest movies you should be watch and shows you should be binging.

Engaging interviews and compelling stories

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Our drive is producing podcasts that tell interesting and unique stories, with guests that are exciting and engaging.

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Gotham West Studios focuses on an immersive listening experience, developing programs that bring together entertaining personalities, compelling stories, and world-class sound design. We believe quality of the content and sound is top priority.


A focus on giving a platform to gifted entertainers and compelling storytellers.


Whether in-studio or separated across the world, we pride ourselves on the ability to maintain high studio-quality sound utilizing professional audio equipment and bleeding edge technology.


Gotham West Studio productions are distributed on a variety of audio and video platforms, utilizing our unique distribution agreements to bring relevant programming to global audiences.


With a focus on compelling and entertaining stories, our podcasts aim to bring exciting and interesting stories you'll be sharing with everyone you know.

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Theresa Jordan

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